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These workshops are designed to open a safe space for you to explore your personal and emotional relationship with money.

The process uses several tools, such as guided meditations, explorations and dynamic exercises to bring you into a space of questioning and personal reflection.

You will become aware of disempowering patterns and beliefs holding you back from creating a life where money serves you.


Copy of Me, Myself & Money

Immerse yourself in a 10-week online masterclass of self-discovery to explore your relationship to money and align with your life purpose.



The workshop address individual and group dynamics allowing for both introspection and team-building. Workshops for teams will encourage alignment with each other as well as with the organisation’s goals. The methodology can be adapted to address the specific values and performance needs of given institutions.

Workshops can be scheduled as one-day intensive journeys, half-day sessions, weekend retreats or as a customised modular framework for example of 2-hour sessions per week over a 5 week period.


Give & Take Lab developed a ludic experience using money as a tool to learn about sustainability by adopting the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a framework. The objective of this process is to educate and empower each person to take actions to tackle global sustainability issues.

This methodology was first developed for schools, and now has been extended for organisations, and can be adapted for every kind of collaborative system. Our goal is to have as many people as possible in the world contributing towards the achievement of the SDGs.

Time4Changers is a game that teaches students/players how to implement the United Nations Sustainable Goals (SDGs) through actions. The game makes use of a social currency in the form of paper notes which the players can earn by acquiring knowledge and executing actions in their school or community according to one or many of the 17 SDGs .

The players are encouraged to self organize and work together in their schools/organisations in order to implement these actions during the period that the game is live. There will be a leaderboard, updated every week, which displays each of the actions executed, the current balance of each player and a list of featured projects/actions, which will be displayed in the participants’ classrooms/work space. Each school/organisation will choose 5 SDGs which they believe to be most relevant in their community and the winners will be chosen by determining the classroom/work group who completed the most projects/actions according to their school’s/companies top 5 SDGs.

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