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Here you find some testimonials from people who have already begun their journey with Give & Take Lab!


Lisbon Workshop


Tavira Workshop


Lisbon Workshop


Tavira Workshop


Lisbon Workshop


Tavira Workshop

I worked with Mar Michelle to gain understanding around a range of current issues and life challenges. Despite being totally financially free, I wanted to find meaning and purpose in my life. Through her wonderful approach counseling, we were able to get the cause of many of my challenges and I can now see a clear path forwards where previously there was none. She has a real gift to be able to help people see through challenges and to gain perspective.
CEO, Tier One Investment Bank, US
It was a very deep work, I think that the workshop is actually an opportunity to see ourselves in action - looking at the patterns that limit us when dealing with money. It was surprising to dive into this journey and to identify all the patterns that I was repeating in my life that hinder the flow of abundance. The workshop was just the beginning of a great work of transformation! If you feel that something doesn’t fit in your financial life (and not only), this experience is for you! Get Surprised!
Lizandra Mayra Gasparro
Journalist, Brazil
The knowledge that until this moment I only had on the mental level, I felt it pass directly to my heart in this workshop. It was like transmuting knowledge into feelings, emotions and actions. Grateful to the Mar for all her dedication and her energy that allow us to experience these magical moments.
Susana Aldinhas
Private Client Manager - Bank, Portugal
I know there has always been a natural flow and abundance in my life in relation to money; but I’ve never stopped to realize that this energy is mine! I always thought it was luck or coincidence that everything was flowing - I was afraid to take this power! It is so deep that even 8 months after the workshop, I am still unravel what was revealed to me. I also discovered that I have a great difficulty in promoting something, when involves a service or a product that is related to something that I’m involved in myself. I was able to get in touch with this reality in the workshop! Gratitude, for this beautiful and much needed workshop!
Isabela Morato de Carvalho
Business People Developer, Israel
The practical and inspiring learnings of Mar's journey are on full display in her workshop, Me, Myself, and Money. Her experiences in a conventional, high-flying kind of success in the world of finance, and then also through deep inquiry into broader possibilities for us as humans on her spiritual path show up clearly in her embodiment as an empathetic, grounded, and insightful facilitator. The genius of how she created an experiential learning of my relationship to money was honestly kind of mind-blowing. It opened up many avenues of awareness that previously appeared to be nonexistent, with a topic that is so fundamental and impactful in our lives and in our world. Thank you Mar. I hope this work touches many more people.
Prashant Goel
Consultant & Coach, USA

Working with Mar was exactly what I needed to release the blockages I was experiencing around money and success-- helping me to align with my true potential. Mar is incredibly receptive and insightful, and she was able to guide me through the belief systems, emotions, and fear that was distorting my ability to create and manifest wealth and abundance--in all areas of my life, not just financial. The results have already been measurable. I've made significant progress towards starting my second business, without feeling like I was "forcing" it with willpower. Things have just naturally flowed better. I'm also less attached to the monetary results, and more aligned with my purpose to create abundance the purpose of contribution and sharing with others. If you feel any interest in this course, I would say do it. I know it takes an investment of time and money, but if you're not where you want to be financially or professionally, you can't afford not to do it. It will help you understand what's preventing you from being where you want to be. The only decision is to make the commitment to this program! Mar will guide you through the mechanics, and share the understanding, knowledge, and guidance to help you let go of blockages keeping you from aligning with your own abundance. I can't recommend it enough. It's been an important part of my journey.

Ben F
Entrepreneur / Business Owner, USA
I'm fully surprised with the method and the things that happened to me while I did it. It’s very deep and strong, but at the same time super careful. I'm feeling very thankful! It's impressive to see how many limited beliefs I have about money, and how they got so clear for me. My relationship with money is changing completely. How I care about it, how I see it. And also I can see a big step in the way I see my own value. I feel very empowered.
Felipe Nuno
Art Director, Brazil

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