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These sessions are designed for you to live your optimal life and overcome blocks that are holding you back.
Mar is experienced at guiding people towards their life purpose and opening to true abundance.

You can book a 3 month package of 10 sessions or a 6 month package of 20 sessions.

The sessions can be held in-person with Mar in Lisbon, or online from anywhere in the world.



The world’s most successful people have coaches.
Someone who holds a space to reflect back and guides them to the next level.

We all face challenges every day, it’s how we deal with these that makes a difference in our lives.

In these one-on-one coaching sessions with Mar, you will find the path, which will take your life to a whole new level.

The sessions can cover all aspects of your life from work & money, to relationship & family, and purpose.
There is not limit to what you can discuss with Mar in total confidence.

You will gain a new perspective, clarity on your next steps and insights you never imagined possible.

Leaving elevated and enthusiastic about your life!

“Apesar de ser totalmente livre financeiramente, eu queria encontrar significado e propósito em da minha vida. Agora posso ver um caminho claro pela frente, onde antes não havia nenhum.

Mar Michelle tem um verdadeiro presente para ajudar as pessoas a ultrapassar os desafios e ganhar perspectivas ”

Head of North America
Tier One Investment Bank

“My journey with Mar was a crucial turning point in my process of realizing how to blend the spiritual with the material and being open to creating abundance in my life 🙏 grateful for the time together with love and respect.”

Sahar Farmanfarmaian

Rua Garcia de Orta 70-1E
1200-680 Lisboa


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