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For over a decade, Give & Take Lab founder, Mar Michelle, has been involved in research that explores our individual relation to money and radically rethinks economic orders. Mar Michelle has also nurtured a vast network of collaborators who she works with on projects of differing scales.

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When Give & Take Lab founder, Mar Michelle, left a steady career at one of the world’s most prestigious financial institutions to travel the world, many people judged it an unwise move. Trading financial security for the unknown certainly felt imprudent. Today however, Mar Michelle feels more secure than ever. In a half-hour impacting talk, she will tell you why detaching herself from money was an essential step for her spiritual and financial prosperity. Mar Michelle’s journey from financial trader to financial freedom will inspire and motivate you to reassess your own personal path.
Mar Michelle also gives a number of other talks about the lessons she has learnt along the way that will make you reevaluate your relationship with money, and reflect on new possibilities of economic order and prosperity.


Developing the INKIRI$ currency

Mar Michelle completed her masters in Economics for Transition at Schumacher College, a programme which considers new economic theories and practices that will shape the years to come. For her thesis Mar Michelle worked with the INKIRI Piracanga community as a social practitioner developing with them a community currency in 2016. Two years on, the INKIRI has changed the ways in which locals relate and cooperate, and is yielding valuable and novel lessons about society and possible paths for economic order.

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