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“Despite being totally financially free, I wanted to find meaning and purpose in my life. I can now see a clear path forwards where previously there was none.

Mar Michelle has a real gift to be able to help people see through challenges and to gain perspective”

Head of North America
Tier One Investment Bank


I believe there is an epidemic of chronic stress in the financial industry. Executives with heaps of money, and so little time. High-earning jobs at the cost of our most precious possession; our health. People with alleged power, but cracking under pressure.

Does this resonate with you at all?

It did with me. In my former career as a financial trader I was successful, but I didn’t feel free at all. Seven years ago, I took a step towards change, and with guidance I now know myself better and lead a happier life. I am also passionate about helping my former colleagues and peers who are city traders and financial executives find clarity on what will bring fulfillment, purpose, joy and a sense of perspective on their lives.

In intimate and action-focused coaching sessions we’ll review your financial situation and particular set of motivations to explore ways to create alignment between your income streams, talents and purpose.

This programme is especially made for financial executives who, despite of their wealth and success, feel trapped and isolated. There is a way out of the jail of forward paid bonuses and keeping up with the Joneses. Everything starts with a conversation. Together, I can help you find financial freedom and live life abundantly.

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