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“The worship of currency is perhaps the greatest cause of social and environmental damage in the modern world. The proper study of economics is fulfillment, not consumption.”
Paul Hawken


Most of us interact with money on a daily basis; we earn it, spend it and save it. Money also lies at the foundation of our economic systems and at the core of modern societal cooperation. Yet, we rarely explore our personal relation to it or question how it affects us collectively. We seldom contemplate alternative economic orders.

Money is a tool, a medium of exchange with neutral energy but it can often become a repository for our emotions, beliefs and fears. An obscure relation to money – not how much of it you have – blocks our ability to flow and live prosperously.

Give & Take Lab is a testing ground for new ways of interacting with money. We offer various methods of self-exploration to shed light and untangle our emotional connections to live a life aligned with purpose and personal wellbeing.

All our workshops, courses, talks and coaching sessions are suitable, and can be tailored for individuals, organisations, schools and corporate teams.




Mar Michelle is a former London financial trader. After 5 years working for prestigious investment banks she left finance on a quest for a deeper understanding of herself and the world around her. Her enquiry took her traveling across the world, and ignited her interest in various spiritual teachings. In 2015 Mar Michelle returned to academia to complete a Masters in Economics for Transition at Schumacher College in the United Kingdom. Her thesis took her to the eco-village of Piracanga in Brazil where she worked with locals to develop the INKIRI$, a community currency that has changed the ways in which locals collaborate. Since founding Give & Take Lab, Mar Michelle has been working on projects of diverse scales (personal, group, community, educational and corporate) aimed at exploring new interactions with money.

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Workshop Production Manager

Flor is Give & Take Lab’s production manager. Born in Buenos Aires her restless and wandering soul took her on extensive travels through South and Central America and the United Kingdom. Throughout those years Flor developed an interest for meditation and self-knowledge, but most significantly an inclination to reach out to young people. She currently organises self-knowledge trips for young people in several countries, and works in the production and organisation of courses at Give & Take Lab.




Gaia is a Lisbon based writer and journalist, with a background in creating editorial and commercial copy across multiple platforms and for publications worldwide. Originally from Brazil, she spent eight years in London before settling in Lisbon in 2018.



Workshop Support

Susana is Portuguese, born in the Alentejo: a piece of land calm, quiet, but alive and full of life just like her. She studied Applied Mathematics at University and worked for 16 years as a Private Client Manager at a Portuguese Bank. She left the Bank to immerse herself in a 2-year sabbatical, dedicated to Self-Awareness and Personal Development. She currently lives in Lisbon and works in the area of Wellbeing.


A new economic system beyond money.

We firmly believe that living harmoniously comes with a respect for the laws of giving and taking; sharing what we do not need and taking only what is necessary. Together we aim to restore the meaning of ecology and economy (from Greek Oikos) to the knowledge and management of our home: planet earth. At Give & Take Lab we are convicted that change comes from within. Whole economic systems can be altered if we change our personal relation with money. If we change inside, the world changes outside.


Every course, talk and workshop at Give & Take Lab advances a few key principles essential to our methodology.


Vital to the work we do is a desire on the participants’ side to dive deep into themselves to unearth subconscious beliefs and thought patterns they hold about money. We use different techniques of reflection, such as conversations and meditations that will guide participants to their innermost selves.


Abundance is a natural state of being; a freedom to do what you want, when you need to do it. The universe has no limitations, and we should all be able to achieve our potentials and enjoy its Abundance. Constraints are only within us, and we aim at unlocking those enabling alignment with the Abundance that is all around.


Flow is a state of mind you achieve when you’re living the moment fully, immersed completely in whatever task you are doing. Being in the flow is having plans and challenges, but not being attached to the outcome of those. Flowing is living and delighting in the process. At Give & Take Lab we want to help you flow by lifting self-imposed barriers to it.

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