2019 has been a year of consolidating the work that I envisioned bringing to the world. We officially launched  Give & Take Lab to assist individuals, schools and organisations in creating a relationship with money that is more peaceful, rewarding and sustainable – for ourselves and for the planet.

The first version of the Me, Myself & Money workshop was born in Inkiri Piracanga, in 2016, as part of my master’s thesis and the birthing of the INKIRI$ community currency. Since then, this methodology has been introduced to over 1,000 people all around the world, who have either participated in one of the workshops, done the coaching process or saw one of my talks.

I have facilitated the Me, Myself & Money workshop across the world, in the U.S., South America, Europe and Asia, observing the different ways people relate to money and the impact that this work is having on people’s lives. With over 30 workshops and dozens of coaching clients, we have extensively trialled and tested the methodology and feel confident in what we are offering through the interactive programs. In 2020, we have live workshops planned in Lisbon, Switzerland, Belgium and the possibility to go back to Asia. On top of that, we are studying a model to train facilitators in the Me, Myself & Money methodology to have a wider and locally adapted reach around the world. 

And we want to involve more and more people in our mission.

Over this past year, I transformed the Me, Myself & Money methodology to an online Masterclass with the help of wonderful professionals in order to reach a wider audience beyond the live, in person experiences we had been offering. The feedback has been awesome – from the beta group of 25 people to the first cohort currently engaged in this self-study program.

This way, we are turning Give & Take Lab into a platform of offerings where we weave the topics of money, wellbeing, sustainability and purpose together to inspire people to live more fulfilling lives.

Our vision is to impact all parts of society: the individual, communities, schools, and organisations. For the next phase in 2020, we are launching a program for schools to engage students and teachers in a ludic experience using alternative currencies as a tool to learn about sustainability and well-being. Aligning this new methodology to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we wish to bring this global agenda into the classroom, discussing with our future generation what are tangible actions anyone could do to tackle the biggest challenges of this new decade. I have been putting together an amazing team and, with the support of a social investor, we are bringing this vision to life with schools in Lisbon as our first implementation portal!

We haven’t stopped dreaming there. We are also in discussions around rolling out a methodology to be implemented in different forms of organisations, with the aim to reconnect the individuals within them to their inner wellbeing and purpose whilst aligning them with the organisations mission, bringing in a deeper understanding around money and sustainability. Having been part of the implementation of a first pilot at Casa do Impacto in Lisbon we found wonderful results of cross-team collaborations, through a ludic methodology encouraging new ways of thinking, synergies and ideas fostered with the new hats of sustainability.

It has been quite a journey!

All this has been possible thanks to an incredible team who have been working with me and believing in this mission! Thanks to everyone who has dedicated incredible gifts to make this project blossom, giving me the strength to continue – and it is with this ongoing support that we will reach more lives with our work.

I also want to show great appreciation to everyone who has taken part in a workshop, the Masterclass, or has been part of this journey in one way or another and supported us to getting to where we are today! You are all part of the transition we see necessary in our world today, thank you.

 Wishing you all happy holidays and a great start into this next decade!


 With deep gratitude,

Mar Michelle Hausler